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Sauna Heater External Controller 220V Electric Stove Sauna Rome Dry Equipment US

Sauna Heater External Controller 220V Electric Stove Sauna Rome Dry Equipment US

Sauna Heater External Controller 220V Electric Stove Sauna Rome Dry Equipment US    Sauna Heater External Controller 220V Electric Stove Sauna Rome Dry Equipment US
Feature: - Use 304 stainless steel, anti-high temperature, more durable. The digiatal display outer controller help you control heat temperature of heater safely. Suitable for family use, hotel use, SPA use, etc. Energy efficient electronic Sauna stove designed. The temperature controller is used for regulating the temperature. It is unnecessary to set the temperature controller every time, you can maintain an appropriate temperature constantly. The temperature controller should be installed outside the sauna room.

The temperature limiter switch in the temperature sensor will cut off the power if the temperature of the sauna room is too high. Deep rock tray, large capacity It can hold up to 18-20kg of sauna stones mostly.

6/9KW Sauna Heater Stove Dry Sauna Stove With External Controller. Life Cultivation and Health Care. The steam generator through physical movement, detoxifying sweat glands, drug fumigation can stimulate the human respiratory system, skin open repair of the body's viscera, regeneration, so as to achieve the role of health care. Use 304 stainless steel, anti-high temperature, more durable. Room Volume: 6KW - 9M³ (315 cubic feet) 9KW - 13M³ (460 cubic feet).

Product Width: 11 in/ 280 mm. Product Length: 16 in/ 400 mm.

Product Height: 22 in/ 560 mm. Suitable Sauna Stone: 6KW - 16-18kg (not included) 9KW - 18-20kg.

Designed with an excellent steel structure for durability and corrosion-proof, the sauna heater can be used in a wet sauna room for a long tim. 316 Stainless Steel Coil The dry sauna heater adopts dual heat-proof 316 heating coils for a fast heating effect; you may get complete relaxation in a short time. To adjust the heating time and set the desired temperature; you can get an easy operation with humanized designs. Complete accessories are prepared for your quick installation. Only one person can finish the assembly of the steam sauna heater within a few minutes.

With our functional sauna stoves, you will never go for a sauna room while you will have a cost-saving and time-saving sauna at home. 1x Digital controller 1x Sauna heater 1x Temp sensor 1x User manual. Only qualified electricians may connect the device to the electric supply, taking current, valid safety regulations into consideration. The connecting cables of the mains supply to the heater must be rubber insulated cables.

Rinsing Sauna Stones before they are loaded into the heater container; the largest ones should be loaded at the bottom. Do not load the stones too tight, ensure that air can easily move between the stones so the heating elements can achieve an even cooling. When the Sauna stones are broken or crumbling, please replace, otherwise they may damage the heating elements. The diameter of the stones is usually 3-8 cm.

Good ventilation is a must for the sauna, and correctly installed ventilation. The fresh air intake should be located on the wall near the bottom of the sauna heater. The diameter of air intake must be at least 6 cm. The exhaust opening should be located on the wall opposite to and as far away as possible from the air intake inlet. The diameter of the exhaust opening must be twice the size of the intake.

The exhaust opening must be situated under the bottom of the upper benches. To avoid an electrical shock, all installation and relevant services must be performed by qualified personnel. Spend a maximum of 30 minutes in the sauna. Bathing too long may cause your heart to race, chest pains, weakness or dizziness.

Should the bather experience any of the above symptoms, stop bathing immediately. Sauna may cause tension to the bather. Therefore, if you have any of the following, please consult your physician or health care professional before using the sauna. Also, do not use the sauna after drinking alcohol, taking medication or if you are not feeling well.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Risk of being scalded: Do not touch the sauna heater or its trim, as both are hot. Keep a distance of at least 30cm from the heater.

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  1. Power: 6KW, 50-60HZ
  2. Suit For: 6KW - 9M³ (315 cubic feet)
  3. Number of Items in Set: 4
  4. Maximum Heating Space: 6KW: 9M³ (315 cubic feet) / 9KW: 13M³ (460 cubic feet)
  5. Adjusting Temperature: Max. 90ºC (195ºF )
  6. Item Length: 16 in
  7. Operation: Electric
  8. Suitable For: Dry Saunas
  9. Labels & Certifications: CE-Approved
  10. Voltage: 220 V
  11. Item Height: 22 in
  12. Heating Method: Electric
  13. Features: Antibacterial, Easy Assembly, Easy Installation, Noise Reduction, Pre-assembled, Quick Cleaning, Fast Heating
  14. Item Width: 11 in
  15. Adjusting Operating Time: 10 minutes - 5 hours adjustable
  16. Installation: Free Standing, Wall Mounted
  17. Item Voltage: 220V-240V
  18. Color: Silver
  19. Material: Stainless Steel, Steel
  20. Set Includes: 1x User manual, 1x Temp sensor, 1x Sauna heater, 1x Digital controller
  21. Schelduled Time Mode: Max 24 hours in advance
  22. Electric Current: 6W-27A / 9W-37.5A
  23. Installation Area: Indoor
  24. Item Power: 6/9KW, 50-60HZ
  25. Brand: Beauty-DP®
  26. Type: Heater Stove
  27. Assembly Required: No
  28. Model: Sauna Heater
  29. Stone Capacity: 44 lb

Sauna Heater External Controller 220V Electric Stove Sauna Rome Dry Equipment US    Sauna Heater External Controller 220V Electric Stove Sauna Rome Dry Equipment US